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   LaBrie, James: "Static Impulse"

   Laing, Corky And The Perfect Child: "Playing God"   

   La Ira De Dios: "Apus Revolution Rock"  

   Lake: "Live! - Wings Of Freedom Tour"   

   Lake: "Wings Of Freedom"   

   Lakveet, John: "Sequentiagite"

   Lakveet, John: "The Force Of Reason"

   Lakveet, John: "Proportions"

   Lambda: "Weites Land"

   Lambert: "Dimensions Of Dreams - remastered"   

  Lambert: "Drachenreise"   

   LaminiusX: "Vitamin"

   LaminiusX: "One Man Show"

   Lamp: "The Three Towers"  

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Humano:Id - Visionen"  

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Kontrast - Klangwerke-"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Das Lächeln der Bäume No 5 - Definitivum"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Slowing World"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Die Mondlandung"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Hyperreale Reflexion"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Farben"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Transmitter 594kHz"   

   Land, Bernd-Michael: "Meeresgrund"   

  Land, Bernd-Michael: "Das Lächeln der Bäume - Quintessenz"   

   Laneslide: "Flying High"   

   Lang, Yogi: "No Decoder"

   Lankow & Brückner: "Segmented Vision"   

   La Ponto Ensemblo: "Ishmael/at Quintessence"  

   Larsen And The Coloured Dreams: "Bucket List"  

   Laughing Stock: "Zero - Acts 3&4"  

   LAUTSTAERKE: "Vom Morgen Danach Deluxe"  

   Lava: "Lava"

   Lawton, John & Diana Express: "The Power Of Mind"   

   Lazuli: "Saison 8"   

   Lazuli: "réponse incongrue à l' inéluctable"

   Leafless Tree: "The First Leaf"  

   Leap Day: "Awaking The Muse"

   Leather Nun, The: "Whatever"   

   Lebowski: "Cinematic"

   Led Zeppelin: "The Complete BBC Sessions"   

       Led Zeppelin: "Presence / In Through The Out Door / CODA"   

   Led Zeppelin: "Physical Graffiti 40th Anniversary Edition"   

      Led Zeppelin: "IV und Houses Of The Holy"   

         Led Zeppelin: "I, II, III"   

   Leichenwetter: "Zeitmaschine"

   Lemonchill: "Sentant"

   Le Mar, Gabriel: "Transition Stage"  

   Le Mar, Gabriel: "Berlin Guitar"   

   Le Mur: "Exorta"   

   Le Mur: "Silentia Nova"   

   Lenze & De Buam: "I nim di mid"   

   Leprous: "Bilateral"

   Les Fleurs Du Mal: "Concrete Ravings"   

   Lesoir: "Latitude"   

   Leuchter, Patrick: "Seven Spaces Cologne"   

   Level Pi: "Elektronische Philosophie"   

   Level Pi: "This Burning Part Of Me"   

   Level Pi: "Dunkelstunde"  

   Level Pi: "Electronic Sheep"  

   Level Pi: "Entrance"

   Leykam, Roman: "Echo"  

   Leykam, Roman: "The Interweaving Of Mood And Tension"  

   Leykam, Roman: "Pure"   

   Leykam, Roman: "Imagery"   

   Leykam, Roman: "Alchemy"   

   Liars: "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned"

   Lichtgestalt: "Tempus Fugit"   

  Lichtgestalt: "Motorenherz"   

   Lichtgestalt: "Lichtgestalt EP"   

   Lichtregen: "Same" 

   Liebert, Tim: "ÜberLandFahrt"   

   Liedfett: "Klarkomm"   

   Liese, Hajo & Alien Nature: "Authentics"   

   Light Damage: "Numbers"   

   Light Damage: "Light Damage"   

   Lights Of Human: "Lights Of Human"  

   Ligro: "Dictionary 2"   

  Lindenberg, Udo: "Stärker als die Zeit - live"   

  Lindenberg, Udo: "Stärker als die Zeit"   

   Line Of Fate: "Dark Age"  

   Lion Twin: "Nashville"   

   Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul: "Soulfire Live!"   

   The Living Room: "Times Like Lakes"

   Loba Q: Tamayura"

   Löwe: "II"   

   Loftone Ensemble: "Loftone Ensemble"

   Lolita KompleX: "Les Cabaret des Marionnettes"

   Long Distance Calling: "The Flood Inside"   

   Long Distance Calling: "Avoid The Light"

   Loom: "Scored"  

   Lopez, Lance: "Handmade Music"

   Lopez, Lance: "Salvation From Sundown"

   Lord's Family: "The Complete Schlössl Recordings"   

   Lords Of The Trident: "The Offering"  

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Let The Light Surround You"  

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Eternal Sorrows"   

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Finally"   

   Loreau, Bertrand feat. Lambert: "In Search Of Silence"   

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Correspondances"   

  Loreau, Bertrand: "From Past To Past"   

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Spiral Lights"   

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Nostalgic Steps"   

   Loreau, Bertrand: "Journey Through The Past"  

   Los Natas: "Toba Trance"

   Lostboy! A.K.A. Jim Kerr: "Same"

   Loui Vetton: "Goodbye Fairgrounds. It's The New Black"   

   Loverboy: "Original Album Classics"   

   Loverboy: "Setlist - The Very Best Of ... Live"   

   Loving The Sun: "The Inside Light"  

   Loving The Sun: "Spiritual Walk"   

   Loving The Sun: "The Path Of Love"

   Loving The Sun: "Behind The Rainbow"

   Loving The Sun: "The Other Side Of The World"

   Loving The Sun: "Dreaming Of More"

   Low Budget Orchestra: "The Second Best"  

   Low Field: "Time Machine"   

   Lowfield: "Start The Machine"   

   Lucassen, Arjen Anthony: "Lost In The New Real"  

   Luck Of Eden Hall, The: "Victoria Moon"   

   The Luck Of Eden Hall: "Alligators Eat Gumdrops"  

   The Luck Of Eden Hall: "Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2"  

   The Luck Of Eden Hall: "Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1"

   The Luck Of Eden Hall: "When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep"

   LÜÜL & Band: "Fremdenzimmer"   

  LÜÜL & Band: "Wanderjahre"   

   Lüül: "Tourkoller"

   Lugburz: "Songs From Forgotten Lands"

   Luley: "Today's Tomorrow"  

   Lunaffair: "Same"

   Lunatic Soul: "Impressions"

   Lunatic Soul: "II"

   Lunatic Soul: "Same"

   Lynne's ELO, Jeff: "Wembley Or Bust"   

   Lynne, Jeff: "Long Wave"