Album: Grobschnitt(1972)


Dm - Cm - Fm - Dm - Gm - Cm - Fm - Hm - Dm

        Dm7   G     Dm7           G          Dm7
Im    try---ing to see you---------------------
        G                 Dm7                G
Tryina catch you with my eyes-------------
    Dm7      G      Dm7          G           Dm7
Im    try---ing to meet you-------------------
         G                 Dm7       G
Tryinga reach you with my mind----------

Dm7               G
   I try to feel      you near me,
Dm7        G                  Dm7
Try try to hear you near me,
       G                       Dm7 G
Try to make you mine tonight---------------
     B        C               D
Aber you-------   are walking by

      Dm7 G      Dm7        G           Dm7
Im  go---ing to get you---------------------
      G               Dm7               G
Gonna get you just in time------------------
Dm7         G      Dm7                  Dm7
Im    go---ing to have you-------------------
      G                 Dm7             G
Gonna make that you are mine------------

Dm7             G
  Ill make you living with me,
Dm7           G                Dm7
Make make you staying with me,
        G                      Dm7        G
Make us stay together now----------------
        B      C                 D
But can you-----   Babe, tell me how ?